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Successful Dating: How to Date and How Not to Date

If you are single, you will know how difficult it is to find advice about dating and being single. We'd all love to meet our perfect soul mate. So often so-called dating experts (who are usually married) astound us with obvious wisdom but I am sure you get the feeling their point of view isn't always too realistic. You know, being single can be a tough and lonely whatever your age, and every now and again it would be good to get some real inspiration from other single people. If you are new to the dating scene, a regular or are just simply wanting to meet someone new there should always be time for top dating tips, advice, information and things to consider. The truth is there are no magic formulas or potions and no cunning ways of trapping Mr or Miss right. But there are some valid facts that you should take into consideration along the way. 1. Make sure you are really ready to enter the dating game. Have some idea about what it is you are…