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Mistakes Women Make With Their Online Dating Photo

Mistakes Women Make With Their Online Dating Photo

Online Dating

Millions of single women are making these online dating profile photo mistakes. Your photo is the most important part of your profile. Men are instantly attracted by the way a woman looks. If they don’t know what you look like, what do they have to be attracted to. It won’t be your user name if you have no visual stimulation.

The most common error on a single women’s profile photo is it’s taken from too far away. Usually these are holiday snaps where the woman is standing next to large rock or statue. There’s always something else to make them look even smaller in the photo. No one can see what they look like, all they see is the next photo.

Next common mistake is the photo is too dark. Most of the time this is due to too much light coming from behind you. With a combination of being too far away as well there was no point in uploading the photo in the first place. Men want to see you and you’re beauty.

This one is unbelievable. Single women actually put a photo on their online dating profile, and they’re cuddling another man in it. How many other men do they think will find that attractive. Single men will not take the time to join an online dating service to then click on a photo that has a picture of a women enjoying herself with another man.

Another not-so-good idea is to put something else in your photo space instead of you. You get puppies, kittens and well known actresses. Puppies and kittens are cute but that won’t make someone want to get in contact with you. Even more so if the photo next to yours has an attractive lady for the single man to click on.

Seeing only a small part of your face won’t help you either. You see lots of photos where it looks like the bottom has been cut off. Sometimes you might even just see a single woman’s left eye, or just their eyes and forehead.

Some single women will upload a photo with their face blurred out or just missing. Men don’t find this attractive. All they will ask is, why aren’t they showing there face? There can only be a few reasons for this, and none of them will be good.

A small collage of someone’s favorite photos gets used sometimes. So they have 5 or 6 photos in their 2 inch square profile photo space that no one can see properly. Only they will know why they didn’t upload them all separately. And they’re the only ones that don’t know why they’re not getting any e-mails.

A group photo is another classic mistake. How does anyone know who the single women is if there is more than one person in the photo. Some have 5 or 6 women and men in the photo.

And last but not least is the single woman you takes a photo of herself in the mirror. Then uploads her new photo of a body with a big flash as her head.

If you’re a single woman using an online dating service for the first time try and not make any of these mistakes. If you upload a nice clear photo of only you from at the very most waist up you will get far more clicks on your profile. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are or feel you are, there will always be someone that is attracted to you. Providing they can see you.

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