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flirting signs

What are the most important flirting sign to look out for if you want to get more dates? Before I tell you what it is there's one very important thing you must know...More important than knowing the flirting sign?! Turning the knowledge of what the flirting sign is into something you can use, easily, naturally and on an ongoing basis. That's what's more important than actually knowing what the flirting sign is. Some of what we learn only needs to enter our heads to be useful to us. They're simply pieces of information. Something that we can recall and put to use in a future scenario. However flirting is a skill. And skills need more than just the knowledge in our head. So not only am I going to tell you what the flirting sign is, I'm going to give you a practical exercise to actually turn this knowledge into something that you will use to benefit you. So once you've read what the number 1 sign is, keep reading. Because more important than knowing what the sign is,…