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The Most Important Flirting Sign to Look Out For

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What are the most important flirting sign to look out for if you want to get more dates? Before I tell you what it is there’s one very important thing you must know…More important than knowing the flirting sign?!

Turning the knowledge of what the flirting sign is into something you can use, easily, naturally and on an ongoing basis. That’s what’s more important than actually knowing what the flirting sign is.

Some of what we learn only needs to enter our heads to be useful to us. They’re simply pieces of information. Something that we can recall and put to use in a future scenario.

However flirting is a skill. And skills need more than just the knowledge in our head. So not only am I going to tell you what the flirting sign is, I’m going to give you a practical exercise to actually turn this knowledge into something that you will use to benefit you.

So once you’ve read what the number 1 sign is, keep reading. Because more important than knowing what the sign is, is being able to use it. And you’ll only do that properly if you follow the exercise.

So, enough of the delays, the number 1 flirting sign is…

The hair flip!

Yup, that’s it. Numero Uno. The most often used flirting sign in the scientific study.

By the way, the scientific study that this was taken from identified 52 different flirting signs! Yes, 52. And analyzed the importance of each of them. It prioritized 9 of those flirting signs as key to predicting, with 90% success, whether someone would be approached. And now you know the top one of those flirting signs.

Turning this knowledge into something you’ll use

As I said before though, the most important thing is not the intellectual knowing of it, but actually training yourself to recognize flirting signs easily and naturally i.e. having the skill.

The ‘natural flirts’ among us just know when someone is flirting with them. How? Because they subconsciously recognize some of the most important flirting signs and that gives them `a good feeling’ (literally) that they’re going to be successful if they approach this person. Or they subconsciously know how to use their body language to give off those most important flirting signals. When they see someone they fancy, they do this naturally, making them much more likely to be approached.

Don’t ask me how they learn it! I’m jealous too. They just did. In fact they all went through the same process I’m about to share with you. They just didn’t do it quite as consciously as you are going to.

If you’re not a natural flirt, and I suspect you’re not, otherwise you’d be getting the results you want from your dating encounters, then you must make flirting a natural skill for you.

How do you do this? Well, the process of learning any skill goes through easily followed stages.

1. You become aware of the knowledge you’re missing

2. You practice the use of that knowledge, repetitively, until it becomes so natural you can forget about it.

3. Your subconscious uses its new skill naturally on an ongoing basis.

So your task is as follows:

1. Next time you’re out looking for potential dates, look around the room you’re in and notice people (primarily women) who use the hair flip. Not with you. You’re looking for them using it generally with other people. The easiest location to see this in is with a couple who are obviously trying to chat each other up, perhaps they’ve just introduced themselves. She’ll still most likely be using the hair flip, or playing with, or preening her hair in some way on a regular basis. This is the most used flirting sign. Keep consciously looking out for it. By the way, it may be easiest to do this when you’re on your own. Otherwise your friend(s) will wonder why you’re so inattentive today!

2. Every time you go out for the next few weeks, practice searching for the hair flip or hair preening. You don’t need to limit this to times when you’re out looking for a date. You can practice this anytime you’re in public, because people are flirting all the time. 99% of the time they’re not conscious of it, but watch a women noticing a man she fancies and she’ll find it difficult not to subconsciously flip or touch her hair in some manner!

3. How long do you practice this for? You’ll know when you’ve practiced this enough because at some point in the future, when you’re out and about and not thinking about practicing it, you’ll suddenly become aware of someone who’s playing with their hair. Perhaps even whilst looking at you! When you’ve had this spontaneous and sudden awareness a few times, then you know it’s ‘programmed’ into your subconscious mind to spot this most important flirting sign – and you can move on to learning the next ones.

4. Oh. You’ll then have this skill built in for life. Yes, you can choose to notice it consciously whenever you want to, but because of that few days or few weeks of practice, you now have the ability to notice this bit of flirting subconsciously. Congratulations.

How do you get more dates with this?

The hair flip is just one of the 9 signs identified in the scientific study. Learn the other 8 as a skill and you’ll be the flirt that you’ve always dreamed of being. And you will get a much greater number of dates.

There are other keys to flirting than just knowing the 9 top signs. Particularly the way you use or observe these flirting signs is more important. And there are definitely other skills to master if you want to begin to enjoy approaching people and getting dates with them.

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