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how to attract women

Using the Storytelling Method to Attract Women

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that I feel is very important and powerful when it comes to meeting and holding the interest of not only women but anyone in your life. This subject is none other than Storytelling and when used correctly, can make your desirability with women sky rocket. Before I jump into the tips and secrets behind successful story telling and how to construct a powerful story I want to clear up a few myths when it comes to the matter of story telling. Myth one: My stories have to be true and about me Now this is ultimately up for you to decide but as long as you keep the conversation fun, apply the right story telling techniques, and can keep the conversation moving, then your story does not have to be true. Even if the women does not believe the story, if you kept it fun, she will be entertained and most likely run with new conversation topics developed from your stories. I am not encouraging you to lie though,…

You are dating a beautiful but a shy girl or one that is not a talkie. You have already talked about your hobbies, your families and your jobs and nothing else come into your mind and she is not really helping you. 1. Compliment Her The fact is most people are shy about meeting new people. I used to be enormously shy. But when you think about it, shyness is merely a fear that others won't like you, or that you may be rejected in some way. It's natural for us to desire acceptance. So try to make her know that you like her by making a compliment. But find something that you really find attractive about her, about her lifestyle or her personality. She will become more confident and more open to share her believes and her shyness won’t be a problem for a fluid conversation. 2. Asking open questions How you ask questions is very important in establishing a basis for an effective communication. Effective questions open the door to knowledge and understanding. The art of questioning…

How To Be More Confident With Women

Self-confidence is a major factor which can determine the success of a man towards approaching a woman. It can make or break a relationship in a snap. Self-confidence is generally defined as one’s view of himself, his capabilities and his potentials. There are men who are plainly wrong in giving all of their efforts to deliver what women want. This is wrong in the sense that one must love oneself before he can love others. Courting and dating are pretty much like having a job interview. A job interview aims to assess one’s abilities and confidence. An applicant can actually make up stories about his experience and his talents, that’s why the employer assesses him mostly on how he presents himself and on his confidence. This is also the main principle behind being with women. So how does one develop confidence towards women? Here are some ways on how a guy can be better in dealing with girls: Take some time out for yourself Again, it all begins with oneself. If a guy has low confidence towards women, he…

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