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How To Be More Confident With Women

How To Be More Confident With Women

For Men

Self-confidence is a major factor which can determine the success of a man towards approaching a woman. It can make or break a relationship in a snap.

Self-confidence is generally defined as one’s view of himself, his capabilities and his potentials. There are men who are plainly wrong in giving all of their efforts to deliver what women want. This is wrong in the sense that one must love oneself before he can love others.

Courting and dating are pretty much like having a job interview. A job interview aims to assess one’s abilities and confidence. An applicant can actually make up stories about his experience and his talents, that’s why the employer assesses him mostly on how he presents himself and on his confidence. This is also the main principle behind being with women.

So how does one develop confidence towards women? Here are some ways on how a guy can be better in dealing with girls:

Take some time out for yourself

Again, it all begins with oneself. If a guy has low confidence towards women, he might want to give himself some time away from women and stop trying for a while. He may want to list down the things that he doesn’t like with himself, his insecurities in life and his fears. He may then proceed into detailed assessment of the reasons behind such negative thoughts about himself. Then, he must propose solutions for his own betterment.

The solutions should be carried out with dedication and inspiration. This move will not only make a man more confident amidst women, but amidst anyone in general. If one sees oneself with beauty, then he will become more confident.

Don’t be afraid of women

Some men are simply afraid of women. For some reason, even the thought of approaching women scares them. Hopefully, the first step can help solve this awful problem by assessing oneself and finding solutions to one’s insecurities. However, dealing with women is on a whole different level. Women speak a language that is different from what men use. Men and women also think and act differently. All these factors can scare a man away from women.

A man must know how to deal with women, he will use this skill eventually in romantic relationships. Having casual conversations with women friends, colleagues and acquaintances will give a man the much needed map towards a woman’s mind. The ability to smoothly talk with women can come in at a later time but this can only be done if one is comfortable with talking with the ladies.

Listen to stories

There is more than one way to develop the skill in dealing with women. Talking to women and being comfortable around them can be an approach, but a man can also learn from other men. Men usually talk about shallow things when it comes to women, but there are moments when men’s talk is taken in a whole different level. Moments of sensibility attacks men and they share their wholesome experiences in dealing with women. One must be keen in listening to these stories and must not take them for granted.

Try to lessen sexual thoughts

A man’s confidence can diminish if he thinks too much of sex. Guilt will then follow and the whole approach is ruined. A man must re-assess his goals if he wants to be successful in getting the girl whom he likes. Thinking too much of sex is definitely a wrong way to deal with women.

Don’t be too needy

There are other things in life that are as equally important as women. A man must not destroy his life by trying too hard to get girls. Sometimes, when people don’t expect it, the best things come. A man should not take the pressure of getting girls to extent of leaving everything behind and making girls his number one priority. Some people marry, some stay single, and this is a reality that every man must accept. There are many ways to achieve fulfillment and happiness in life. This kind of philosophy can boost one’s confidence in women and will improve women’s view towards him.

Boosting one’s confidence towards women would require a personal commitment. It is not achieved by acquiring more wealth or by getting on a diet. A re-shaping of one’s own view of himself is the key element towards achieving this goal.

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