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How To Be More Confident With Women

Self-confidence is a major factor which can determine the success of a man towards approaching a woman. It can make or break a relationship in a snap. Self-confidence is generally defined as one’s view of himself, his capabilities and his potentials. There are men who are plainly wrong in giving all of their efforts to deliver what women want. This is wrong in the sense that one must love oneself before he can love others. Courting and dating are pretty much like having a job interview. A job interview aims to assess one’s abilities and confidence. An applicant can actually make up stories about his experience and his talents, that’s why the employer assesses him mostly on how he presents himself and on his confidence. This is also the main principle behind being with women. So how does one develop confidence towards women? Here are some ways on how a guy can be better in dealing with girls: Take some time out for yourself Again, it all begins with oneself. If a guy has low confidence towards women, he…

What Attracts Women

Men are basically clueless to whatever it is that attracts women. In fact, some reports contend that women are so hard to comprehend that even if men master how to decode their body language, still, they just could not understand women, in one way or another. According to some studies, 3 out of 10 men are can attest that they really understand women. The remaining 7, you ask? They are out in the haystack finding needles. This means that almost 70% of the men population in the U.S. contends that whatever they do, they still could not figure out how to understand women. For this reason, men are having a hard time to figure out what attract women sexually and romantically in a relationship. 6 out of ten men attest that women are so unpredictable that what they thought women are attracted to, they suddenly realize in the end that it is not the right things after all. So for those who are still confused, dazed, and perplexed on what attracts women, here is a list that could serve…