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How to Spot Different Types of Flirting Signals

How to Spot Different Types of Flirting Signals

Flirting Tips

Discover the most common types of flirting signals women use and how to spot even the most subtle flirting.

Some experts say 90% of communication is nonverbal. We send nonverbal messages to communicate; some nonverbal messages are simple to interpret their meaning; for instance if someone is smiling at you they are pleased with something you have done. Interpreting the meaning of different types of nonverbal flirting signals becomes a little more difficult. In the next few minutes you will learn how to spot the six most common types of flirting signals.

1. Eye contact is the most popular way to flirt with someone in a crowded place or if the person is across the room. If you hold eye contact with a woman for 2 seconds or longer and she keeps looking at you then she is definitely interested and it’s time to take the next step and approach her.

2. She caresses or plays with her hair. Women put a lot of effort into ensuring their hair looks its best; for this reason their hair is a source of confidence. If she is drawing attention to it she is attempting to act in a seductive manner towards you.

3. She places emphasis on her legs and feet: Women flirt a couple of different ways with their legs and feet. For instance if she points her feet toward you, she is probably interested in you. Another more subconscious way of flirting is if she crosses and uncrosses her legs while you’re watching. This means she is unsure how to act when you’re watching her and she is nervous, meaning she is interested in you.

4. She licks her lips: women know men find this sexy and if she licks her lips while you’re watching she is definitely flirting. Also when we get nervous our mouths get dry and we need to lick our lips.

5. She exposes her neck, stomach, and other intimate parts of her body. If you see her drawing attention to intimate parts of her body in your direction you have an open invitation to approach her. This is the most common type of flirting.

6. She smiles at you. Another open invitation to approach her. The best reaction to this gesture is to smile back.

When you are on the prowl to meet woman pay attention to the these different types of flirting signals above; you will be amazed how quickly you start noticing these little flirting clues and the positive results you get from approaching the girls.

When your out and you see any of these flirting signals don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation. For more ideas and secret tricks for picking up women get this free report on how to Master the Art of Flirting.

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